About Me

As a product of the 1960’s and 70’s, I think I tried every art and craft out there.  From candle making to macramé, embroidery to decoupage, I did it all.  With a love of history and a drive to save all things old, I started my college life in art history at the University of South Carolina, but I finished with a degree in History/Historic Preservation from Middle Tennessee State University.

While I still pursued arts and crafts, primarily playing with fiber arts, I built a career in historic preservation and downtown development.  I focused on vision planning for small communities.  I ended up on a winding path after moving to Orange, Virginia.   I left my career to manage the house and grounds of an historic estate (that means I was the cleaning lady and gardener), and then I went on to manage the Montpelier Hunt Races and organize special events at James Madison’s Montpelier.  From there, I opened a housekeeping company that provided service throughout central Virginia for fifteen years.

So how did I end up marbling?  I restored manuscripts for the South Caroliniana library while I was in college, and I loved the marbled papers I often found.  It only took me 45 years to get around to  taking a marbling workshop.  Marbling is magic.  It is peaceful, creative, and totally unpredictable.  It allows me to play with color and pattern, with textiles and paper.  All pieces I create are one-of-a-kind, but with technology, I can create a variety of products that allow me to share unique patterns.

The pandemic was not kind to housekeepers and cleaning folks.  I just couldn’t rally the energy and enthusiasm to reopen, so I retired.  Then I found out I wasn’t a retirement kind of girl.  I needed a challenge and a dream.  So here we are!  There are no limits and no rules here.  If you see a pattern you like and visualize it on a product you don’t see, let me know—we can make it happen.  I can also create signature designs for special events, using colors and logos of your choice.

Let’s bring tradition and technology together to make fun, usable products that make folks happy.

See how we create our designs in this brief video: